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Our Vision

True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, Godly Character

Proclaiming the preeminence of Christ and engaging in the redemptive restoration of all things in Him through holistic education

Our Mission

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Our Context

Cities increasingly influence our culture and affect the way we see the world. Hope Academy aims to be at the center of the conversation, shaping young minds & future leaders through Christian education

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Principal's Message

Welcome to HOPE Academy!

HOPE Academy is an international Christian school which uses IB curriculum. We are an IB candidate school and use the PYP transdisciplinary approach in our teaching and learning. Our program starts from a 1-year old with Baby & Me class (Mom and the child) all the way to Grade 2 (and above in the future). Preparing the students for the urbanized world of the 21st Century, our teaching and learning are gospel-centered, student-focused, inquiry-based, and urbanization-based.

We redefine urban schooling by providing a spacious learning environment to support the development of students’ holistic being. Our urban learning takes advantage of the city and we shape the city’s future.

  • Christian worldview – we shape our students on a conceptual level, with a Christian education that is founded upon True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character

  • City learning – we enrich our IB based curriculum by harnessing all the resources in the city to offer as invaluable learning opportunities

  • Community living - we educate students on what it means to be part of the greater city community as well as what it means to be global citizens, contributing to it in a moral, social, economic, and intellectual way

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We carefully chose Christian teachers and staff who care about children and could model a “sinners try to live in integrity and to obey God” environment for all students. Staff receive regular Professional Development to equip them in supporting Christian education. Teachers receive weekly Professional Development (PD), regular IB workshop and various internal and external PD to equip them to be more competent in knowledge and skills to teach the students. Teachers and staff join regular devotion and weekly chapel to nourish the community’s spiritual life. We invest in people believing that when people grow, the school also grows.

I invite you to explore our website and find out who we are. Please contact us for any inquiries. We would love to welcome you to our school. See you around!

Harmeilia Anggit

Hope Academy Principal


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