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Based on the SKB 15 June 2020 (Surat Keputusan Bersama - Ministries Agreement Letter) of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, home learning is applied for Kindergarten and Junior School in DKI Jakarta. HOPE Academy submits to government decision and will continue to do home learning for academic year 20/21 until further notice. Schools and other educational institutions will still have to operate regardless of the situation to make sure organized learning does not stop. 


HOPE Academy believes that purposeful and organized learning still needs to happen for our children to grow into a holistic being. At Kindergarten and Junior School age, it is important to give the right stimulations as this stage is a fundamental and important building block in developing our children in all aspects. Compared to having unstructured and unpurposeful learning, children grow better with school guidance to achieve learning objectives of a certain age/grade level.  Children lose their time and childhood with many restrictions, thus the school is essential to provide support and education for them to make meaning of this difficult situation. HOPE Academy focuses on holistic care of academic and non-academic (spiritual, social, and emotional care) for our students.


HOME LEARNING - your child does not physically go to school but still can receive the materials via email/ pick them up from school according to the schedule designed, and your child can join online learning from home according to the schedule set. Occasionally (following a regulated schedule from school with high hygiene protocols and accompanied by an adult), we will open the school for a small group of students from a grade level to come and have interaction time with the homeroom teachers and fellow students. This activity is optional. Students may attend or students may not attend. Based on some researches, during distance learning, meeting fellow students in person and being outside (not being at home most of the time) are necessary for students' mental health and well-being. 


We highly maintain our school according to the standard commenced by Siloam Hospital to make sure the health and safety of all community members when they are in our school ground (e.g. temperature check, social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, applying hand sanitizer, disinfect surface, etc.).  We will ask the same health and safety protocols for students/ guardians coming to school to enjoy the privilege of being at school. Students and parents/guardians will need to fill out a health declaration and a consent form when they decide to come to school based on the teachers' invitation.


HOME LEARNING – with "Teachers on the Go" program, exclusively for HOPE Academy families. For further information, please contact 0812 40 5777 04.

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Supporting Parents

These days everybody is standing in the midst of a difficult situation caused by global pandemic of Covid-19. This circumstance has turned the world upside down and shaken all structures and human life system, including family. We all struggle. Many things in the family become emerging problems. Things previously irrelevant, unspoken and disregarded, now have to be dealt with. In this situation, many parents struggle with numerous family issues, be it relation-communication, marriage, child parenting and education, or household management. When parents are struggling with marriage and household life, this matter can turn into opportunities to grow in educating children and to live out marriage life biblically, more than just an obligation to be fulfilled as parents or a spouse.

HOPE Academy would like to offer you a support as we are in this together. We are offering you parenting guidance, sessions with fellow parents and our leaders to help home learning be a meaningful experience, as well as providing a channel for parents to inquire and consult in regard to family life and education for their children. This program consists of guidance materials in the form of parenting footage and an offer of counseling service. Subsequently parents can directly contact a counselor from counselor list according to the time and his/her practice hour. This service is free for HOPE Academy families. Please contact us to 0812 40 5777 04 for further information.

We are praying that through this program God will redirect parents to return to prioritizing Christ in the family. We hope that parents can also understand better how to be a parent, God’s partner in raising and educating the children.

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