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HOPE Academy, where your future begins. 


Hope Academy is an IB Curriculum School established in 2019 in Puri Indah, West Jakarta as part of Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan, a leading educational institution with extensive families of schools across Indonesia which have been growing in more than

25 years of its service.


True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, Godly Character


Proclaiming the preeminence of Christ and engaging in the redemptive restoration of all things in Him through holistic education


Learning at HOPE Academy

At HOPE Academy, we are committed to providing a holistic education for our students to grow into whole individuals: academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually throughout their learning journey.


(3-5 years old)

Pre - Kindy
(2 years old)


Junior School
(6 - 12 years old)

HOPE Academy Inclusive Program

In our school,

No child is left behind

Learning differences are embraced

Support is provided beyond the curriculum


At HOPE Academy, we believe that children are made in God’s image with diverse gifts and talents. We believe that all children have the capacity to learn, at their own pace, in the right learning environment, and with the right amount of support.


To this end, we work together with each student and parents to overcome barriers to learning. We strive to provide a learning environment where students with a wide range of learning abilities are welcomed, valued, supported, and encouraged

to achieve to the best of their own ability.


If you are wondering whether your child needs additional learning support, we invite you to talk to our team of learning specialists to discuss more about how we can help and support him or her in our learning community.

World Class Facilities at
HOPE Academy

Experience world-class facilities at HOPE Academy. From modern classroom to the State-of-The-Art-Library. There is always something exciting at HOPE Academy!


Join our Community at
HOPE Academy

Become part of the next class of talented, creative, future-focused HOPE students. Apply now, online.

What's ON in HOPE Academy?

HOPE Academy is an IB World School!

We are delighted to announce that by the grace of God, Hope Academy is officially an authorized IB World School to offer the Primary Years Programme!


This achievement would not have been possible without the remarkable work of our teaching team, administration staff, the children, and the support of our parents at Hope Academy. Therefore, we take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone in our community.

While it is great to celebrate such an achievement, all of us at Hope Academy are committed that we will continue to grow as we move forward. More than just an acknowledgement, what is most important is that our students continue to grow in the knowledge of the living God as they inquire into the wonders of His creations and become the agents of His redemptive restoration.

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