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World Class Facilities

Our facilities bring the "school in the sky" concept to a new level - designed in such a way that you completely forget you are in a building the second you enter.

With over 12.000 meter square of building space and 6.000 meter square of outdoor facility, we are larger than most schools in the area.


Our library is intentionally located at the center of our campus to encourage our community to discover together as they learn.

It is not just about reading - we believe in developing life-long learners who are passionate about discovering the world that God has wonderfully created for us.


The Cafeteria is more than just a place to eat. Here, conversations take place, hearts are nurtured and students are mentored to become the people God has designed them to be.

Outdoor Playground

In a city where space is scarce, we incorporate movement in all aspects. Movement takes place in the classroom as part of learning. Students can also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in our 6.000 meter square sports facilities.

The classroom is the most important space for a school. It is important to create an inviting classroom where our students can conduct their learning process effectively and comfortably.

Modern Classroom

Health Center

Health center at HOPE Academy is staffed and facilitated by a nurse from Siloam Hospitals, providing standard healthcare services to students and employees of HOPE Academy.

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